• 10 Important Rules for Leadership by Sheikh Mohammad

      March 4, 2019    

    In the fiftieth and closing bankruptcy of his present-day e-book, Qissati, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and top Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, lists out 10 critical rules for management.

    I obtained this message on Twitter: "Your Highness, if you have been to put in writing the ten commandments of government administration addressed to a professional within the Arab global, what would they be?

    I have summarized my 10 rules right here for everyone holding a legitimate publish in government or administration, primarily based by myself humble enjoy.

    1. Serve the people:

    The motive of government is to serve the serve human beings, the goal of public management is to serve society and the function of government techniques, structures and laws are to serve human beings.

    2. Do no Longer Worship the Position:

    Jobs, positions, and responsibilities are all temporary. Your actual value lies in the paintings you have performed and your achievements. The tougher you work, the more you accomplish; the greater you increase your status and name.

    3. Set your Plan:

    While you do not have a plan, you are placing yourself up for failure.

    4. Display Yourself:

    Monitor the performance of your business enterprise. Assign someone to oversee it from within, as well as a neutral 0.33 party to assess it from outdoor.

    5. Construct your Group:

    You can't soar on my own. An unmarried hand can't clap. build a team to be able to increase your targets to new horizons.

    6. Innovate or Go away:

    Governments that do not innovate get antique and worn-out in no time, unable to be a contender inside the race. New thoughts are a notion for steady renewal, which lets in you to conquer competitors, lessen fees and reinvent yourself.

    7. Communicate and be Positive:

    Always communicate with the general public, the network, and the media around you. Build your picture and popularity and tell the sector about your aims and competencies.

    8. Compete:

    Competition is a crucial trait of human conduct. Compete with yourself and others. Corporations are triumphant after they compete in an open environment.

    9. Create Leaders:

    While you create leaders, you create a destiny. A real leader is a person who builds up different leaders, and a real employer is one that produces leaders.

    10. Move forth and Stay a Significant Lifestyle:

    The ones folks working in government are blessed. Our jobs aren't normal ones; they're the loveliest matters in our lives.

    In what he is calling his "incomplete biography", His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, up and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, has broken his present-day e-book, Qissati (My tale), into 50 chapters, narrating 50 memories in his 50 years of serving the kingdom.

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