• British tourist forgets watch in Dubai; cops deliver it to London

      December 19, 2017    

    When a British woman answered a knock on her door in London, the last person she would have expected was a Dubai Police officer. His mission: To deliver a Rolex she had forgotten at a hotel in Dubai.

    Colonel Rashid bin Safwan, director of the police's lost and found department, said workers found the Dh100,000 watch in her hotel room after she left. They then handed it over to the police, after which an officer telephoned her. "She was happy that the watch was found and said she would collect it when she came to Dubai next. When she did not turn up, we considered shipping it to her. However, we decided against it as we did not want it to get lost."

    Nine months passed, and despite the police's constant follow-up, the woman did not turn up. It was then that the police were invited for a conference in London. An officer suggested that the delegation visiting the city take the watch with them and personally deliver it to her.

    When Brigadier-General Saeed Hamad bin Sulaiman Al Malik, director of the Rashidiya police station, met her and handed over the precious watch, she could not thank the police enough for their thoughtful gesture.


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