• Car insurance schemes to cover fog-related damages

      February 8, 2018    

    The damages incurred are also specified.Two new car insurance policies have been rolled out that will cover damages resulting from precipitation or weather conditions, including fog, said Ramez Abu Zeid, chairman of the legal and automobile departments at the Emirates Insurance Association.

    The first policy relates to third parties - and the second to civil liability, loss of car or damage incurred, a report in Al Ittihad newspaper said.

    He added that insurance companies would deal with the recent traffic accidents accordingly. Accident reports furnished by the parties will be handled as per policy norms, wherein the liable party and the victim are identified. The damages incurred are also specified in the report.

    The police authorities issue a report for each damaged vehicle, and that report must be submitted to the insurance company as well as other documents. These include a scanned copy of the Emirates ID, driver's licence, car ownership and registration so that the insurance company can carry out the paperwork for the accident and cover the damages suffered.

    Most people ask whether the insurance will cover fog or rain-related damages, said the chairman. "All such incidents will be covered by the insurance policies according to the geographical area mentioned therein."

    He also clarified that the policies exclude incidents caused or related directly or indirectly to natural disasters that include and are not limited to floods, dust storms, hurricanes, volcanic eruptions and earthquakes.


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