• Disappearing: no one has an idea to missing the WhatsApp

      October 20, 2018    

    The problem detected in the history of smartphones that many users reporting after the company fixed a microbe that their old WhatsApp conversations are missing that allowed hackers to smash the app during a call. However, a new problem has raised after the microbe was fixed with an area, and no one seems to have the answer, yet.

    "I'm starting to realize that my old chats disappeared. It's not archived. The oldest chat went first and day by day they disappeared one by one chronologically. I did reinstall and re-login but it stays the same. I'm using SM-G965F/DS on June security patch. Have this problem since April security patch as long as I remember. Anybody have the same issue?" Adhya, a WhatsApp user, said as she reported the issue on the XDA Developers Forum.

    She specified that her messages were missing from her Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus.

    Her post was followed by similar criticisms from Android smartphone users. "WhatsApp old conversations are disappearing day by day. I checked it in storage management, total message count is decreasing day by day. For example, total messages I sent to someone is 3000, after some days it's showing 2980," another user said.

    When contacted, WhatsApp told Adhya to turn off the cleaner or anti-virus application that might be trying to clean the WhatsApp file without user knowledge. However, the issue persevered on Adhya's phone up until last month in spite of restricting the relevant apps.

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