• Dubai clinic to offer free treatment to the needy

      January 16, 2018    

    The DHA's Youth Council made the announcement during the first day of the Dubai Health Forum.Young resident doctors with the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) will provide free health services to those in need as part of a 'Dubai Hope Clinic'. The DHA's Youth Council announced this during the first day of the Dubai Health Forum.

    Dr Khalid Lootah, chairman of the youth council, said the primary healthcare clinic will help those coming under the lower insurance categories like labourers and maids. The clinic, which will be launched at the Nad Al Hamar Health Center, will operate twice a month on Fridays from 3pm to 7pm.

    "Based on demand, we will be studying the possibility of opening it every week and expanding it to different locations. The clinic is fully equipped with a pharmacy, Xray machine and labs, and four rooms that can cater to 15 patients each, totaling its daily capacity to 60 patients per day," he said.

    Dr Lootah said the council was "overwhelmed" with the positive response of resident doctors. Out of the 350 resident doctors at DHA hospitals, 300 showed their keenness to volunteer.

    He added that the clinic will provide family medicine, internal medicine and ophthalmology health services with plans to expand and provide dental services in the future.

    “This increase in capacity should help ease the congestion during peak morning hours,” another Department official told Gulf News during the tour.

    Dr Lootah stressed that this initiative aims to not only target young doctors (those under 30) but also youth from various disciplines who wish to volunteer in the medical field. "Medicine and nursing doctors will also be volunteering and gaining practical experience," he added.


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