• In Saudi Arabia: Gift for strangers, young artist leaves portraits at this cafe

      November 7, 2018    

    Saudi Arabia in Riyadh, the young artist 27-year-old Fatima Al-Daoud find a good and different way to connect people through art, she draws and paints the cup at her table for routine guest who will come after her in café.

    She told, "When I go to the cafe to read or work, I noticed that I had missed my art projects, so I decided to buy a sketchbook and paint. I practiced painting while I was going to the cafes.

    Additionally, she stated, “The idea came to me to leave the drawings on the table and leave a message to the next person that it was gifted to. The idea came to fruition in early July,"

    She expresses, it is good and high affections that she does something different and like to leave her painting for people random.

    She said,” I also want to convey a message not to stick to the things that we love. When you get used to not owning it, leaving the worked on with hours of energy to make others happy makes you feel good.”

    At a different platform, she also stated, "This is a style of drawing I first adopted five years ago. The human face is the part of one's body that expresses personality and feelings the most. Complementing it tends to be coupled with unrealistic facial expressions. This way, we see them in a different light and are able to express feelings,"

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