• Leave your cars at home in UAE today

      February 4, 2018    

    Nearly 60,000 vehicles were off the road last year during the eighth Car Free Day.Residents of Dubai, Al Ain, Ras Al Khaimah and Ajman will ditch their vehicles today in line with the annual Car Free Day campaign.

    The ninth edition of the Dubai initiative will see hundreds of government departments, institutions and officials of the three other emirates leaving their cars behind in a gesture that protects the environment and reduces carbon footprint.

    Hussein Lootah, director-general of the Dubai Municipality, will inaugurate the event on Sunday morning with a number of officials at the Union Park, opposite to the municipality building in Deira.

    Lootah will also launch the first mobile environment-friendly station that will monitor air pollutants at a regional level. He will also reveal the launch of the Environmental Sustainability Guide for the industrial sector in Dubai.

    Lootah pointed out that the initiative had an impact on reducing the world's' carbon footprint and climate change.

    Nearly 60,000 vehicles were off the road last year during the eighth Car Free Day, equivalent to a reduction of about 174 tonnes of carbon emissions that may necessitate the cultivation of 1,218 trees.

    Figures were 33 per cent higher than the number of vehicles stopped in 2016, estimated at 45,000 vehicles. The municipality had started the initiative in 2010 with just 1,000 vehicles kept away from the streets by the officials and employees of the civic body.


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