• Notifies expat Professor, and congrats to have got a 10-year visa

      January 17, 2019    

    Congrats to expat professor and assistant dean of engineering at the American University of Sharjah, and he said: “Oh my God, I had no idea I was actually being measured, a woman had communicated me prior, asking me for a copy of my passport with the visa page. Thank you so much for letting me know about this, I had no sign.

    "I had applied for the Mohammed bin Rashid Medal for Scientific Distinguishment last fall, was interviewed and got shortlisted, but I didn't win."

    In 2018, in the cabinet meeting have been discussed about the new system of entering visas for professionals and talented expats, the long-term residence permit visas issued for them decided in November. This system will be continuing till 10 years for the medical, and people in the field of technology and science, grant up for a 10-year residence visa.

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