• Pakistani Celebrity Has Decided To Avail The Opportunity Of Flying Around The World In 28 Days As The UAE Expats

      October 6, 2018    

    Pakistani’s celebrity Fakhr-e-Alam has hopeful to made Pakistan all over the world’s proud who is first time introduced the ‘bhangra rap’ in Pakistan and host many shows and played many roles as an actor and an activist. The 42-year-old Youngman is now ready to board on a heroic assignment that will see him fly all around the world in just 28 days.

    Fakhar is hopeful to introduces as the first Pakistani flyer in the history of around the world, flying with single-engine aircraft, as he said, "If I get boxed in with weather, then I will have to stay put on the ground. But yes, our current flight plan is 28 days.'

    'Mission Parwaaz: One man, one plane, one epic journey around the world’. The banner sums up Fakhr's striving plan that has been three years in the making. Fakhr shares his planning purpose behind his mission, what it means to Pakistan and how the UAE stimulated by him.

    Fakhr has been a UAE occupant for one-and-a-half periods. The Pakistani artist said: "The UAE has been my home for 15 years. My kids were born here. Dubai, the great city, inspires you to do more - and excel."

    "I really look forward to flying into Dubai during my round-the-world trip," Fakhr said.

    Planning for the mission to visit:

    The planning of the mission has been a vast responsibility for Fakhr, who had firstly broadcast his passion to fly around the world in 2015 but he needs time to take off, he said. "As a kid, I wanted to be an air force pilot. All my toys were airplanes. In 2015, I finally made time and went to get my private pilot license from Orlando, Florida.

    "Once I had the license, I knew I wanted to do more with it. I didn't want to fly for an airline or cargo service. I wanted to do something special... something that would make Pakistan proud. So, in October 2015, I held a Press conference and announced Mission Parwaaz.

    Little did I know, it would be a Herculean task just to get this off the ground. Sponsors wouldn't understand what I wanted to do. I had a lack of funding and of course, a serious lack of flight experience. No one wanted to give me their plane and no insurance company wanted to ensure the trip - but here we are after three years.

    With loads of hard work, perseverance and support from my friend Kurt Roy, I finally got a plane and insurance. We will take off on October 6 at 7 am from Clearwater Florida," an excited Fakhr said.

    Funding and support:

    But how did he finally account the marathon mission? "Partially out of my own pocket, some loans from friends and a couple of sponsors," exposed Fakhr.

    Along with his revolutionary journey, he also plans to break a few records on the way. "If I succeed, I will become the first Pakistani in the history of the world to have done this. Also, the day I start my journey, I will have a total of 112.9 flight hours, which is perhaps the least amount of flight experience any pilot has had prior to taking on a global circumnavigation, so that is special as well," he said.

    Although Fakhr hasn’t any conventional official funding from the Pakistani government, some government officials and Pakistani celebrities have come out to back him on social media. "There has been supporting at the individual level by a few members of the government but nothing official. Let's see how I am treated when I land in Pakistan," the man said.

    Visa issues:

    The 28-day-long task will see Fakhr fly through 31 cities and almost 25 countries, which obviously was one of his main anxieties regarding visas. Fakhr said: "This (getting visas) was the greatest challenge and I would like to thank MoonJet and especially Kurt Roy for securing all overflight permits and landing permits. I must thank the US Consulate in Karachi that understood the urgency and issued an urgent visa. Likewise, I thank the Russian Consulate in Karachi for understanding the time sensitivity and issuing me a visa in less than two hours. Without these two visas, I would not be able to do this flight. So, I am truly grateful."

    The question arises that, will he be flying to India, too? "It is very difficult for Pakistanis to get an Indian visa; hence I will fly over India en route to Dhaka. But I carry a message of peace, love, and harmony. Hope we can all learn to respect each other, be responsible in our rhetoric and find ways through dialogue to improve regional stability and peace," Fakhr highlighted.

    "The UAE is a great example of Indians, Pakistanis and so many nationalities living in peace and harmony with each other - working together, children going to the same schools. Wish we could learn from all this."

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