• Police warning: 7 ways to stop car thefts in UAE

      November 21, 2017    

    Dubai: The number of car thefts in Sharjah may be on the rise, but by following these guideline, you can reduce the odds of becoming a victim.

    According to police reports, there have been an increasing number of complaints about such thefts from Buhairah police station’s jurisdiction including Al Nahda, Al Buhairah, Al Majaz, Al Khan, Al Taawun and Al Mamzar.

    Sharjah Police recently launched an awareness campaign under the slogan 'Security and Safety', to prevent valuable items from being stolen, such as money, mobile phones, bank and ID cards.

    Colonel Arif Bin Hudeib, director of the media and public relations department of Sharjah Police, said that the campaign includes distributing pamphlets and information packs in Arabic, English and to motorists.

    How to prevent car thefts and break-ins

    1. Never leave the vehicle while the engine is on, even for a few minutes

    2. Do not leave the car doors unlocked

    3. Do not leave the vehicle parked in dark, unlit areas over night

    4. Avoid parking in remote places or sandy areas for long periods

    5. Never leave valuables exposed in the car

    6. Always park your car in well-lit and safe places that are monitored by CCTV

    7. Invest in a car alarm


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