• Sheikh Muhammad: the young generation of Arab prefers the UAE over Canada

      May 1, 2019    

    Some reality revealed after the survey that young generation prefers the UAE over Western countries such as the US, UK, and Canada, this survey release.

    "A model nation and the number one country to live in" in the past eight years. forty-four percent and four out of 10 young Arabs says that the UAE is the country where they want to live, followed by Canada, US, Turkey, and the UK.

    "The UAE was and will always be your country, a part of a beautiful Arab world that will continue prospering with your energy and aspirations." His Highness Sheikh Muhammad bin Rashid Al Maktoum Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai welcomed on official account the Arab youth.

    "The UAE's growing reputation among the Arab youth as the best country to live in and for their nations to emulate highlights the forward-looking development strategy and future-focused vision of the UAE leadership," said Sunil Jhon, President of ASDA'ABCW.

    Additionally, he said that "In the past eight years of the survey, the positive perception of the UAE has only gained in strength year-on-year, underlining the country as a true beacon of hope and a model nation for young people across the region,"

    out of 10 the four Arab youth like to stay in their state than the US, Japan, Uk, and other Western countries. The youth consider the UAE ally for theirs. "Too big a role" meanwhile they say religion plays and believe that religion should be reformed.

    they also concern Saudi Arabia and the US as the two nations develop their leadership in the territory more than other countries.

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