• To cheer the visitors of Mall, UAE’S largest charity cake sale

      December 8, 2018    

    The longest cake prepared by the team of 12 chefs of the Kempinski Hotel Mall of the Emirates, the hundred of the visitors of the Mall of Emirates have treated the big cake on the season of festivals.

    In UAE, largest charity cake sale at the Mall of the Emirates on Friday saw the return that is expected to raise more than Dh 100,000 for charity.

    Roundabout 50 school students volunteer to take part in helping with the cake sale with the other of the mall as well as of the hotel, the yearly Stollen Charity Cake Sale, now in a 13th-year plan to sell the record 800 meters of cake and donate the proceeds to Emirates Red Crescent. It is held from 10 am to 10 pm in the South Galleria of the mall.

    Executive Chief of the Kempinski Hotel Mall of the Emirates, Sadiqi Naddaf said: "It took a team of 12 chefs completely dedicated to the preparation round the clock for more than two months. We all worked in shifts and baked the stollen in batches. The cake was preserved in butter and its ingredients act as self-preservatives. Therefore, it can be kept up to three months from the production date."

    Naddaf added. "Stollen (pronounced as Sh-to-llen) is the most popular traditional cake in Germany, especially during this Christmas time. Also, we challenge ourselves every year and increase the length of the cake because it is being done for a noble cause,"

    The team of the chefs uses more than 2,500 eggs, 625kg of flour, 290kg of raisins and 65kg of marzipan to making the delicacy. Along with, 133kg of lemons and 142kg of oranges were zested to give the cake a burst of citrus flavor.

    The general manager of Kempinski Hotel Mall of the Emirates, Slim Zaiaine, added: "It is the involvement of the community and the teams at the mall that gets everyone excited for this annual event. This time, a lot of kids also got involved in the event and the special part is that the proceeds of the sale will be used to fund the needs and education of underprivileged kids. This annual event is so special for some people that they come back year after year to support it and in turn, support the charity cause behind it."

    Visitors also enjoy the music and dancer with this huge yummy cake o this annual charity cake festival.

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