• UAE consider the most stable Nation

      April 25, 2019    

    Due to the betterment of the public services economic sustainability and human capital, further improving the rating this year. The UAE is the most stable nation because of its efforts of improvements. States index shows different nation peace values, in which the UAE ranked at 149 in 2019.

    All countries have been categorized into eight divisions, very stable, more stable, warning, elevated warning, high warning, and alert, very sustainable, sustainable. And the UAE take place in the list of the more stable nation due to improvement in public services, economic sustainability, human capital and balanced development in security.

    The managing director and Wealth Monitor, Arshad Khan said about the diverse economy in the Arab World, ranging from education infrastructure.

    Khan said."The country is actively contributing to the security and stability of the Arabian Gulf as well as the wider Middle East. Over the years, the UAE has built an island of opportunities through developing a range of growth sectors such as airlines, trade, hospitality, financial services, real estate, construction, and logistics."

    Furthur Khan Said, "The rapid progress in these sectors not only enabled the country to attract global talents, but it also proved successful in putting a brake on young Arab brains migrating to other countries in search for better opportunities."

    the regional editor for the Middle East at Oxford Business Group, Billy Fitzherbert said about the strong economy of the UAE,

    "Higher oil prices in 2019 will provide a firm footing from which the government can continue the progress made in recent years to diversify the economy, with strategic investments set to continue in nascent as well as long-established sectors such as technology and financial services."

    Further, Fitzherbert said that "Looking ahead, the Expo 2020 Dubai will provide the opportunity to showcase many of these developments, with the main challenge there being to ensure that the various infrastructure developments being rolled out in preparation for the event continue to feed into economic growth after 2020."

    Issam Kassabian, senior financial analyst, Menacorp, believes that there is a type of financing vehicles here in the UAE that set different investor decisions whether it is risk starvation, religious, etc.

    He said, "There is a developing regulatory framework that aims to protect investors and help them generate higher returns from their investments as well.

    UAE is the popular destination in recent years due to good quality number of resorts and services and shopping as well.

    Far & Wide said, "With man-made island offering outdoor shopping and art promenades, Dubai is a fascinating place to explore." in between the list of prominent countries, India was ranked 74, Pakistan 23, Sri Lanka 46, Bangladesh at 36.

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