• UAE government reveals Ramadan 2018 public sector hours

      May 3, 2018    

    The UAE government has revealed the public sector working hours for the month of Ramadan.

    Employees will work from 9am to 2pm and have been urged to be punctual during the important period.

    The hours for private sector workers have not yet been announced.

    Ramadan is an important time in the Islamic Calendar, when Muslims fast (also known as sawm) from sunrise to sunset for approximately 30 days.

    This year it's predicted to be from Tuesday May 15 to Thursday June 14, although the dates change annually as they’re determined by the sighting of a new moon.

    In addition to the different hours for the public sector, many businesses will have different opening and closing times, including shopping malls, grocery stores, cinemas and more.

    Double check times before you head out to avoid disappointment.

    If you are not Muslim and not fasting during this period, there are places to eat and drink during the day, but there are extra considerations to be made.

    If an individual wants to eat or drink in daylight hours during Ramadan it has to be done indoors and out of sight, or in designated screened-off areas within public places.

    For that reason, many restaurants in Dubai will be operating alternative hours, though some are still open during the day.


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