• UAE happiest nation in the Arab world

      March 15, 2018    

    The UAE is the Arab world's happiest country, according to an annual survey released on Wednesday.

    Among 156 countries worldwide, the UAE has been ranked 20th in the World Happiness Report, one rank up from last year.

    This is the fourth time straight that the country has been named the happiest in the region.

    Finland secured the top spot in the report, rising from fifth place last year to oust Norway. The UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network's annual report ranks countries according to factors such as GDP per capita, social support, healthy life expectancy, social freedom, generosity and absence of corruption.

    Hailing the ranking, Emiratis said the UAE's tolerant society makes people happy. "I love the fact that we live with so many nationalities that the country embraces with full respect and no discrimination," Emirati Ahmed bin Al Sheikh said.

    Long-time UAE residents said safety and security that the country offers is what makes them happy. Egyptian Nourhan Maher said: "Only in the UAE can you leave your bag temporarily in a coffee shop and come back to find it."


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