• Video launch: UAE defense show record the 8-ft Titan Robot Greets the Visitors

      February 19, 2019    

    Robot greets the visitors and welcome, that comes after an hour to greet them to the region’s biggest defense exhibition, the continuing international defense exhibition (Index) in the capital is smiling by the robot greeter, Titan.

    Titan, the robot walks through the crowd as he introduces himself in both Arabic and English with wearing a military vest. That also says in English and Arabic during the walk between the visitors "Peace and blessings be with you. How are you all visitors? The best thing to happen to me at Index this year is being hired by the Safe City Group. Yay!"

    Additionally, "Do you know why I applied for a job at Safe City Group? Because things in UAE are always numbered One!"

    At the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre (Adnec) until February 21, 2019, and supposes about 100,000 visitors during the course of the occasion. Index runs, which thrust off on Sunday. The first commercial robot artist that developed by the British Company Cyberstein, Titan a famous robot is 8ft tall and weighs 60 kg with entertainment and artistic qualities, loved by the children and adult alike.

    The walking robot speaks through pre-recorded oddments of audio with famous phrases from films. His speech can be modified into almost any language. He also plays oddments of songs too. He really involves the audience, jokes around and has a few cheeky little guiles spurting water at people. That Titan robot already appeared in many events in UAE with Abu Dhabi Grand Prix and the International Exhibition for National Security and Resilience in Abu Dhabi 2018.

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