• Woman wins a free ticket in Abu Dhabi lottery Dh15 million on the Old Ticket

      April 5, 2019    

    Nester Susan has walked away with a phone and Dh15 million raffle price tag in UAE's huge price ticket Abu Dhabi contest for the oldest ticket.

    Offered on June 20, 1996, the price tag didn't win, but in 2019 it subsequently did.

    She also won the hazard to enter the subsequent draw - that's worth Dh15 million.

    The raffle announcement was at 8 pm at Abu Dhabi Airport Arrivals hall.

    The organizers had earlier nowadays introduced a surprise for his or her loyal price ticket customers. If you have been participating in the raffles for a long time and feature the oldest price ticket, you could win a prize too.

    All you had to do it was carrying your oldest ticket on the draw and a winner could be announced from the stay audience at the cease of the draw.

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