• Write a word, share the happiness

      November 7, 2017    

    I am smart, I am brilliant, I am cool, I am beautiful, say the notes on the wall.

    No matter the message, each post is lovingly written on a colourful sticker and pasted on the 'I AM Word Wall' at the Sharjah International Book Fair. Organised by Happy Home Nursery, the wall encourages students to expand their vocabulary, and contribute to other visitors' understanding of new ideas and terms.

    While many young visitors jotted down a word to describe themselves, others were much more keen to share how they were feeling.

    Adil Mahmoud, a nine-year-old student, scribbled down 'happy' in big bold letters on a yellow note and wasted no time in placing it next to his friends' messages. "I like the book fair," he said. "I am always happy to come here with my friends."

    A quick scan of the wall showed that Mahmoud wasn't the only student who was happy to be at the exhibition. Several of the posts also shared what students wanted to be in the future. 'Famous' said one blue note, while 'champion' was confidently written on one green note.

    Hiba Tamim, another young student, carefully wrote down 'artist' on a small pink slip before gently smoothening it on the wall. "Like my mama," she shyly said, when asked about her message.

    Still, others called out their favorite heroes, and hobbies. 'I am Batman' said one note, with a batman symbol drawn next to it; while another note proudly proclaimed 'I am a Potterhead' with a symbol for the Deathly Hallows drawn above it.


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