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  • What does Covid-19 mean for Banks in the UAE?

       January 24, 2021     
    Will there be a monetary accident? It is safe to say that we will see a downturn? Is my cash safe? How would I stay aware of my funds and installments? The world we are all together living in is making vulnerability in all parts of existence with the two people and organizations are properly posing inquiries of banks during the Covid world we are on the whole living in. We shoul
  • UAE's Largest Bank Issues $500m sukuk, first globally in 2021

       January 24, 2021     
    First Abu Dhabi Bank (FAB), the UAE's biggest bank, on Monday, declared it has given the first Sukuk universally in 2021. The bank said it has given the least actually yield on any five-year MENA bank US dollar issuance with its $500 million Sukuk. Given through FAB Sukuk Company Limited, the contribution pulled in an all-out request book of about $1.5 billion which speaks to a
  • Pandemic Squeezes UAE Bank Results — But it could be worse

       January 24, 2021     
    An advance delay program and broad national bank uphold have upheld profit at the United Arab Emirate`s Top Banks, albeit net revenue edges slid and weaknesses will probably increment as reimburs3ement occasions end. In Octo
  • Dubai: First Doses of Pfizer Vaccine to be Rescheduled

       January 24, 2021     
    Dubai: The Dubai Health Authority (DHA) on Saturday declared it is attempting to reschedule the arrangements of the primary portion of the Pfizer - BioNTech immunization. This is because of the maker undertaking development of its antibody creation, which has infl
  • Dubai announces new Covid safety rules: Full list

       January 24, 2021     
    Dubai specialists fix rules to keep inhabitants, travelers protected from the Covid. Here is all you require to know: Experts in Dubai have given numerous new Covid-19 wellbeing measures to shield inhabitants and sightseers from the Covid. Assessors from administrative bodies like the Dubai Economy, Dubai Mu
  • Are there any Restrictions on Lending and Borrowing?

       January 10, 2021     
    AUTHORIZING REQUIREMENTS IN THE UAE The Central Bank of the UAE (Central Bank) and the Securities and Commodities Authority (SCA) are the principal administrative bodies for monetary administrations in the UAE (besides the DIFC and ADGM). In accordance with Federal Law No. 14 of 2018 (New Banking Law), the Central Bank directs monetary foundations, including the individ
  • 2021 to be 'Toughest Test for Banks' UAE Lenders Face Weaker Profits, Asset Quality

       January 10, 2021     
    S&P also anticipates problem Loans to rise amid a slowdown One year from now might be additionally trying for banks in the UAE, as their resource quality and productivity are estimated to debilitate on the rear of proceeded within the economy and land area. Low oil costs, combined with continu
  • Travel Requirements for Dubai Residents in 2021

       January 10, 2021     
    Dubai home visa holders heading out to Dubai Before you book Contingent upon your UAE visa, you need to apply to either the GDRFA or ICA for endorsement to return. Dubai home visa holders In the event that you hold a Dubai home visa and you are flying back to Dubai, you should have a return endorsement f
  • UAE Central Bank extends Targeted Economic Support Scheme until June 2021

       January 10, 2021     
    The Emirates Loan credit deferral program has as of now profited more than 310,000 retail clients, almost 10,000 SMEs, and in excess of 1,500 private area organizations. The Central Bank of the UAE (CBUAE) will broaden the legitimacy of key segments of its monetary improvement bundle called the Targeted Economic Support S
  • Loan in UAE

       January 10, 2021     
    Loans in UAE Individual advances in UAE today are the favored methods for momentary credit. Individuals lean toward taking individual advances to utilize their Visas for enormous consumptions like travel, buying huge business resources, meeting costs like weddings, schooling cost, and so on Banks that offer individual advances in the

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