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  • How your bank will help if you are affected by Covid-19

       November 22, 2020     
    Moneylenders in the Emirates Loan in UAE have turned out budgetary help measures to facilitate the weight on retail and business clients. As the Covid episode and measures to contain it cause monetary repercussions over the globe, banks and controllers are stepping in to give money related alleviation to retai
  • Why Emirates Loan & Who Emirates Loan?

       November 1, 2020     
    Emirates loan giving the concept of an online marketplace for personal loans, auto loans, and 
  • Apply for loans & We offer major types of loans

       November 1, 2020     
    There are many occasions when a person finds himself facing a shortage of money or in need of a few greater price range/Loans. For instance even as getting married, shopping for a brand new residence or car, paying college payments, or spending cash on a domestic preservation project. You cannot continually depend upon saving
  • Apply Online Loan in UAE | All UAE Banks | Emirates Loan

       November 1, 2020     
    Apply for Personal Loan:Apply For Loan, Auto Loan UAE, Best Loan Rates, Best Loan Rates In Dubai,
  • Best Emirates Islamic Loan Rates in Dubai, UAE

       November 1, 2020     
    Best Emirates Islamic Loan Rates in Dubai, UAE: Apply For Loan, Apply For Personal Loan, Auto Loan UAE, Best Loan Rates, Best Loan Rate
  • Credit Cards in UAE

       November 1, 2020     
    What are Credit Cards? Best Credit Card in Dubai UAE is issued by a company, usually a bank, to a consumer enabling the cardholder to pay for goods and services under an agreement between the consumer and the card-issuing company that the amount, plus other agreed charges, wi
  • Business loan through emirates loan

       November 1, 2020     
    First of all, we have to think about what is a permanent livelihood. The people who think Job is the permanent with due respect we disagree with that school of thought. If you are doing a job in the specific with god package. Only the specific time is the good period of your life. If we do not focus on the future. We must fail in the upcoming life. Every job has set some specific retirement age
  • "Most Innovative Card of the Year" CBD wins

       April 26, 2019     
    Most Innovative Card of the Year, this award wins the Commercial Bank of Dubai (CBD) in the Seamless Middle East Awards ceremony 2019. The Award was received by Dr.Bernd van Linder, chief executive officer, Amit Malhotra, general manager Personal Banking Group, and Sujai Raina, head of Cards and Payments. This Award was for the Signature Super Saver Credit Card which offers a 10% cash b
  • Emirates Islamic Q1 Profit surges 97%, highest ever growth

       April 20, 2019     
    Emirates Islamic on Wednesday reported ninety-seven according to cent year-on-yr. Growth in first-sector internet earnings due to growth in core commercial enterprise. It's miles the best-ever increase achieved by the bank considering the fact that its inception in 2004. In an assertion, the Islamic lender said internet profit rose to Dh411 million in January-March zone while internet e
  • CFO group to leave, Emirates NBD Q1 profit jumps 15% to Dh2.7 billion

       April 18, 2019     
    Dubai's largest financial institution Emirates NBD on Wednesday said its first-zone 2019 internet earnings grew 15 percentage 12 months-on-12 months to Dh2.7 billion, supported by means of growth in total profits and advanced margins. Total profits of Dh4.7 billion progressed 15 percent yr.-on-yr. because of the mortgage boom, an improvement in margins and better charge earnings.

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