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  • Dubai schools go iTech for stress-free learning

       April 15, 2018     
    Dubai schools are embracing iPad learning in classrooms as tech companies introduce more education-focused gadgets into the market. Tech Giant Apple has recently introduced its new sixth generation 9.7-inch iPad, which has features that target students and educators - making it a user-friendly device in replacement of textbooks. Last week, a distre
  • LG to Launch First Drone Phone- LG U+

       April 14, 2018     
    LG to Launch First Drone Phone- LG U+. In this era of modernization and robots, technology is on boom. No doubt technology has brought significant changes on this planet. Yes, LG is about to launch an unbelievable but fascinating drone phone. The company has announced the new project of 2 in 1 drone phone. There’s a lot of world to see and drone came
  • UAE labour law: Workplace rights every woman must know

       April 14, 2018     
    Women workforce in the UAE have certain rights which they should equip themselves with to avoid exploitation at workplace. The UAE Labour Law lays down special provisions relating to the working hours and conditions of women employees. Let's take a look at the important aspects of the law related to working women in the country. Night shit rules
  • UAE strategy to cash in on blockchain

       April 12, 2018     
    Over 50 per cent of the UAE's federal transactions would be powered by blockchain technology by 2021, it was announced on Wednesday. The Emirates Blockchain Strategy would help the country save Dh11 billion spent annually on document transactions and documents. His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE
  • DXB to surpass Beijing as world's second busiest airport

       April 11, 2018     
    Dubai International maintained its status as the world's third busiest airport in the world last year with 88.24 million passengers. It could potentially dethrone China's Beijing airport from its second place if DXB slightly improves its growth rate in a few years. In 2017, Atlanta Airport maintained its first ranking with 103.9 million passengers despite
  • UAE cabinet approves law on salaries

       April 11, 2018     
    A law that will ensure equal wages for women and men has been approved by the UAE Cabinet. The 'law on equal wages and salaries for men and women' will ensure that women have equal opportunities as partners in the UAE's development. It will also empower women to lead future national strategies and ambitious projects, it was announced on Tuesday. An
  • Get 50% discount off groceries in UAE during Ramadan

       April 10, 2018     
    Dubai: The financial strain of stocking up on groceries and purchasing big-ticket items is expected to lighten during Ramadan. The Ministry of Economy has announced its annual reduction in prices that will affect over 10,000 products and goods, with discounts of up to 50 per cent in 600 outlets across the UAE for the whole month. Dr Hashim Al Nuaim
  • UAE to observe Isra Wal Miraj holiday this week

       April 9, 2018     
    The auspicious day of Isra Wal Miraj will be observed on Saturday, April 14 in the UAE. The day, which is observed on the 27th day of the Islamic month of Rajab, has been confirmed on the Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities Department calendar. UAE traditionally announces a one-day holiday to observe the holy day. Last year, the holid
  • What you need to know about cryptocurrencies in UAE

       April 8, 2018     
    Blockchain technology is an application of a decentralised and cryptographically secured distributed ledger technology, operating on a peer-to-peer basis. Basically, a database is shared between the (private or public) network of participants, in either a centralised or decentralised fashion. Each participant can have a true copy of the distributed ledger
  • Ramadan 2018: Guide for fasting in UAE

       April 8, 2018     
    The Holy Month of Ramadan is expected to fall on May 17, while fasting hours are to exceed 13 hours a day. During the fast, the body rejuvenates itself and helps us detoxify by removing toxins from stomach, intestines and also boosts our immune system. With the scorching summer heat and a daily fasting period of about 15 hours, adapting to the changes in e

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