Obtain enormous Credit card in UAE on 5000 salary 

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Credit cards in UAE on 5000 salary 

With the passage of time the need for credit cards is so much raised and for this reason, the demand for them is also raised. This small monetary evolution is rocking the world now via its amazing services. There are many different categories are existing of credit cards and all of them are unique in their way. The main reason behind availing of that opportunity is to make the lifestyle superior. Various banks are serving the nation of UAE through this high-level product service. Now everyone can attain this facility without any hesitation. Credit cards are not only good for the normal routine financial matters but these are best for the business and entertainment matters as well.  

People want to know about the requirements attached to all these cards. Especially, they want to know the salary range of it, they usually search that Credit card in UAE on 5000 salary. At the same time they also want to know the method through which they can obtain that facility by the easiest means. This article is all about these issues and it will explain the characteristics of extra facilities attached to all credit cards. Also, the demands or the criteria to get eligible for a credit card, will be mentioned to make you aware about it. So let’s move towards the main topic and the major banks that are serving the nation via their amazing credit cards in UAE 

Credit cards in UAE on 5000 salary  

1- ADIB credit card  

Eligibility status 

The standards related to the minimum salary will be not less than 5000 AED. This bank is offering additional cards also, that is up to 4. Adib will give you a credit card facility without any annual fee in the preliminary year. After that, a holder will have to pay the amount of 1000 AED as an annual fee.  


The Abu Dhabi Islamic bank is one the best and most popular banks in UAE, that is offering the best financial products with great features. Credit card is one of the best products of Adib and providing top-notch facilities regarding the entertainment, finance, rewards, points, cashback etc. As you know about the nature of this bank that it is Islamic by nature, so all relevant financial products including credit cards are also Islamic. The services that are attached to this card are the several kinds of cashback offers on various purchasing.    

Whenever you spend a specific amount of money on prominent or huge items, you will obtain almost 1% cashback every time with it. Similarly, a card holder will get the Credit card in UAE on 5000 salary and with that card he will get the amazing service of roadside assistance. In addition, many other things are also involved for example, tier changing facility, fuel recovery, urgent cash delivery service, towing facility, etc. You can get all kind of latest updates and news via the SMS alert service also. The most essential part of this card is the 100% withdrawal facility, through which no kind of deduction will be occur during withdrawing your cash. You will get your total amount or 100% cash.   

2–FAB Gems MasterCard credit card alary” “credit card in uae for 4000 salary” “credit card in uae for 3000 salary” “how can i get credit card in uae with 4000 salary” “credit card in u

Eligibility status 

Get the FAB Gems MasterCard with 0% of the annual fee. when it comes to its minimum salary requirement, that should be up to 5000 AED for sure. If any installment is late so the card holder will have to pay the additional chargers at the ratio of 3.50%.  


This credit card is also very popular due to the fabulous services with lots of social benefits. You will receive several chances to avail the cash back and discount offers while doing shopping and dining. Even when you go on a trip or tour, by using this card you can avail the traveling benefits as well as the discounted dining facility. A holder can get free airport lounges access and free services related to the meet and greet also. 

The most interesting feature and benefit of this card is the less school fee, especially if your kid is a student of Gems school system. This card can give you a fee concession assistance to make your life more comfortable and relaxing. With all these services of credit card in UAE on 5000 salary, a card holder can attain discounts on famous platforms as well. For example, such popular media platforms are known as ski Dubai, Dreamland, Magic planet, etc. Many other services are also a part of this credit card like holder can enjoy the several offers of buy 1 get 1 and discounts while doing online food ordering or shopping. Similarly, free vouchers, cinema tickets, desert safari rides, and parking services are also available with it.   

4- Emirates NBD Titanium Credit Card  

Eligibility status 

To obtain a Titanium credit card from Emirates NBD, a candidate must be capable to earn an efficient monthly earning. The salary should be up to 5000 AED with a constant rate of interest, which is about 1.99%. To get this credit card facility you will have to pay the annual charges as well, which can be up to 400 AED.      


This credit card is giving the most unique features with the other formal features. It consists of many cashback offers with extra loyalty points as well. Cashback offers can be avail with every kind of purchasing outside the home in supermarkets, grocery stores, etc. At the same time, the home base shopping or online shopping will be also beneficial in this case. Whenever you go for dining and traveling, you will obtain discounts. The ratio of discounts will be up to 30% at almost more than 1500 restaurants throughout the whole UAE. Another advantage is the roadside assistance, this service will be also provided with this credit card in UAE on 5000 salary. 

Other privileges involved the various types of insurances like protecting plus and fraud protection. A holder can also avail the facility of a brilliant plan about the installments. Also can enjoy a discount of up to 40% on several golf courses. Whenever a holder needs cash on an urgent basis, this credit card will facilitate that point also and will transfer the cash urgently. This card will allow you to pay your utilities also by using its miscellaneous alternatives.   

5- Mashreq Cashback Credit Card  

Eligibility status  

The eligibility standards consist of a minimum salary range, which is about 5000 AED with no kind of extra charges. 0% fee will be apply on card , that is normally apply on annual basis. The rate of interest will be almost about 3.30% to 3.60%, it will be different in the beginning or after a few months, you will see the difference again.   


The various features comprise huge rewards, vouchers, gifts, discounts, cash backs, etc. At the beginning of the credit card journey, a holder will enjoy the welcome bonus also. Yes, a candidate will get a bonus of round bout 500 AED cashback on the joining. Other than this, the remaining cashback offers will be given on zomato, Netflix, iTunes, Talabat, etc. That can be up to 15% to 20% cashback and up to 2% will be provided while spending the amount on national and international purchases.  

Likewise, a holder can enjoy heavy discounts on online food delivery services and outside dining of up to 5%. With this facility of credit card in UAE on 5000 salary, you will receive many extra rewards and exciting offers with attractive discounts also. The discounts are not only with the shopping 

and dinning but you will get those concessions with your utility bills also. The unrestricted roadside assistance, quick cash delivery service, safari rides, and free cinema entries are also available with this credit card facility. Even you can get several insurances also with it.  

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